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Northern Valor

Northern Valor Petroleum is proudly owned and operated by Grande Prairie grown families. They are a new and innovative propane service and distribution company striving to set new standards of excellence in the petroleum industry. Their priority is to provide quality service, while fostering solid, long-lasting relationships with clients.

Brent Richards and Raymond Moskalyk are the company founders. They have a vast background in the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and an adaptable skillset to Northern Valor Petroleum. Dalas Smith has joined the team, heading business development. Dalas has strong communication skills and an innovative approach that will be pertinent to everyday operations. Hard work and dedication are the foundation of Northern Valor Petroleum.

They are from the North, working for the North.

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Fuel Yukon

A late spring cold snap is burning up your propane supply, and you don’t think it will last until the weather warms up. You’re planning a trip to the cabin and can’t remember how much propane was there when you left. It’s fifty below, and your employees need heat… now.

Whatever the situation, you need propane. So you call a 1-800 number, wait on hold for half an hour, and finally connect with a call centre 5000 km away. They can’t find your driveway in their computer system, and it’ll be three days before a truck or technician is available. You know if you want it done right you have to get it done by a Yukoner, but who’s offering local service?

A new partnership between Fuel Yukon and Borealis Fuels & Logistics is filling in the gaps, bringing convenience, community and a guaranteed fuel supply to their neighbours in the Yukon.


“Partnering with Borealis Logistics was a natural extension to our current operations,” says Julia Musial, General Manager of Fuel Yukon. “We have a highly skilled, hard working and dedicated local team, and with logistics support from Borealis we’re excited to bring this service to our community.”

Fred Musial, Julia’s father and the owner of Fuel Yukon, has been working in Yukon’s fuel industry for over 20 years. He says the two companies share similar values.


“Fuel is a service industry first, and good communication is essential. Borealis Logistics understands that, and is committed to integrity, honesty, and creating a supportive environment for our customers and employees.”

Guaranteed supply, tank volumes on your smartphone or computer

Great local service is just the beginning. You’ll also get a great product, delivered with the latest technology.


“We’re offering competitive rates and a guaranteed fuel supply, thanks to a brand new storage tank in the Fuel Yukon yard,” says Ben Tobber, President of Borealis Fuels & Logistics. “Customers can check their tank volumes, request service and manage their account, all from their smartphone or computer. We’ll also monitor your tank volumes, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of propane. Just set your account to autofill and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Borealis Fuels & Logistics is a Canadian Certified Aboriginal Business, and is serious about investing in the communities they serve.


“That means more than just dollar donations here and there. Borealis and Fuel Yukon are committed to creating local jobs, and are excited to find other meaningful ways to engage in Whitehorse and participate in Yukon’s continued growth.”

Learn more at borealisfuels.com or call 587-480-7317 to speak with a Yukoner about your propane needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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