Never worry about running out of propane again. With Borealis, you get the industry’s premier tanks and monitoring technology. We personally keep tabs on your tank and keep it full using cutting-edge technology and scheduling strategies. Most importantly, we stay in contact with you to ensure you always know when it’s time to fill up or perform tank maintenance. We understand how important your propane tank is to your home or business, and we’re passionate about making it your most dependable asset.

Top-Notch Technology and Tank Monitoring

When you depend on propane to heat and power your property, there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why the Borealis team works so hard to proactively meet your needs. Using the industry’s leading technology, we remotely monitor your tank and keep tabs on its status. We know when it’s getting low, and if it has issues, there’s a good chance we’ll know before you do!

Propane is a great asset, and under our care, you’ll experience propane delivery at its finest. We’ve built a world-class network throughout Western Canada, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure. We don’t just bring propane into your area, we bring it straight to your property. Don’t leave your propane supply up to chance — trust Borealis to take care of you. Contact us to learn more.